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A baseball movie which crosses schoolboy fantasy with Police Academy slapstick and locker-room in-jokery. Its tale of a rags-to-riches rise by one of the sport's longest-standing jokes, the Cleveland Indians, is chock full of variably amusing gags and bit players, with Sheen as a wild punk pitcher raised in a series of prisons, and Berenger as an over-the-hill catcher who wins back the girl he loves. Whitton plays the new ex-showgirl owner, desperate to move the team to sunny Florida and herself to an exotic condo, who gathers together a bunch of players so ropey that their failure will enable her to convince the commissioners that the move is justified. Like so much of the film it's a daft but not too daft proposition; and what redeems it is that the action sequences are superbly filmed, climaxing with Sheen's bullish entry into the arena at make-or-break time, the crowd singing 'Wild Thing' in clamouring unison.


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