Man in the Saddle



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When the going gets tough, De Toth gets going. The violent confrontations impress most in this otherwise standard Western. Familiar elements set the story in motion, what with rancher Scott losing former sweetheart Leslie to land baron Knox, who has designs on the properties surrounding his own (Scott's included), and isn't above having his dirty work done for him by hired heavies. The screenplay might build friendship and community among the plucky band being cut down as they stand up to naked greed, but the standout scenes are the remarkable gunfight in a darkened saloon and a vigorous punch-up in a collapsing mountain shack. Scott looks the part, as ever, and his affectionate scenes with independent cowgal Drew have an understated warmth he didn't always get to display. The first of six films Scott made with De Toth, before shifting his allegiance to Budd Boetticher and the work which crowned his career.


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