Metalstorm: The Destruction of Jared-Syn


Science fiction

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Time Out says

A dire cross between Mad Max and Star Wars, set on the futuristic desert planet of Lemuria, where a padded-leather-clad nasty called Jared-Syn (Mike Preston) is taking over the planet with the aid of a deadly crystal. Hero Jack Dogen (Byron), a Peacekeeping Ranger, sets out to destroy Jared-Syn, accompanied by a knowledgeable desert nomad (Thomerson, putting in the only decent performance). They stumble upon an ancient crystal mask which will give Jack sufficient power, but must first face Jared-Syn's son Baal, a half man/half machine that squirts green hallucinatory gunk at its victims. With vehicles and ideas left over from the Mad Max set, not even the 3-D effect can deflect attention from the naff performances and excruciatingly dull script.


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