Milk Money


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Melanie Griffith is V, a big-city tart with a heart, who's discovered by a group of schoolboys who've cycled in from the suburbs with the intention of paying a woman to take her clothes off. Motherless 12-year-old Frank (Carter) decides that V could be matched with his father, an absent-minded professor (Harris), and the girl finds herself strutting through the lawned suburbs of fictitious Middleton. Here no house has less than five bedrooms, and everyone says hello in the street. 'It looks like TV,' she observes. This feelgood romantic comedy is short on laughs, sexual chemistry, and the thriller subplot won't produce any white knuckles (McDowell is a pimp intent on tracking down his working girl). Like Pretty Woman, the major excitement comes from the wardrobe department. What'll V look like when gets out of that tacky brazen outfit? Answer: Jane Asher in a floral frock.


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