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Tucker is an LA street hustler on the run from French diamond smugglers, and Sheen an ambitious TV journalist on the brink of an advantageous marriage, who has everything to gain (or lose) from helping him. Tucker's great in straight parts, but has modelled his funny man routine too closely on Eddie Murphy. Meanwhile, Sheen seems comfortable in a role that has only one angle (everything his character sees reminds him of an item he did for TV). Diversions are provided by the script, which comes from Alec Sokolow and Joel Cohen of Toy Story: Tucker makes a 'speech' at a posh, all-white gathering, which is in fact one long quote from a Barry White song, and (wrongly) assumes the palefaces won't recognise it. What we're being alerted to, over and over, is the cultural apartheid at work in America and the power to be gained from sneaking across the divide.


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