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After one bravura Superman parody, one space battle, half-a-dozen seductions, and a host of gags, you feel that Bond has turned into a one-man variety show. But Moonraker is mercifully much better than recent Bondage, with fantastic special effects, some excellent buffery (cracks at Star Wars, Close Encounters, Clint Eastwood, to name but a few), and the usual location-hopping style that makes Versailles feel like Disneyland. The space-age plot is spread dangerously thin, the fights all tend to slapstick, and the wanton destruction has become rather too predictable. But it's held together by likeable performances (Kiel as 'Jaws', Lonsdale as a suitably urbane villain) and, above all, an overwhelming level of tongue-in-cheek.

Release details

Rated: PG
Duration: 126 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Lewis Gilbert
Screenwriter: Christopher Wood
Cast: Roger Moore
Lois Chiles
Michel Lonsdale
Richard Kiel
Corinne Cléry
Emily Bolton
Toshiro Suga
Geoffrey Keen
Lois Maxwell