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Facing the hot seat after killing his commanding officer in a fight during the Gulf War, decorated marksman Sgt James Dunn (Wayans) is given one last, covert opportunity to redeem himself. Col Grant Casey (Voight) recruits him for the elite 'Black Sheep' hit squad, his first assignment being one Donald Bickhart (Culp), a biotechnology magnate accompanying the First Lady to a public dedication. Or so it seems. At any rate, Dunn doesn't have much choice. When another gun fires, however, just as he's taking aim, and the President's wife drops dead, he realises he's the fall guy for a political assassination. 'The First Lady...Wow!' surmises the CIA Deputy Director (Sorvino). Written by Wayans, this unexceptional chase movie takes itself rather seriously, but at least it knows the ground.


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