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It's built like a Volvo, wears floral print dresses and affects a faint Scots burr: Robin Williams as Mrs Doubtfire - or, more accurately, divorced father-of-three Daniel as Mrs Doubtfire - is the sort of prosthetic-aesthetic nightmare you'd expect to encounter wielding a kitchen knife in a slasher movie. Not that this stops Daniel's ex-wife Sally Field from placing their winsome ones in his/her charge. Indeed, Mrs D soon begins to look like the perfect nanny, a hairy Poppins even the kids take a shine to. Williams has always been uncommonly in touch with his 'feminine', caring, nurturing side, so Daniel's all dressed up with no place to go. Instead, he/she has to learn some tried and trite lessons about parental responsibility and emotional maturity. Sit-com stuff, then, with laboured farcical interludes, and a mushy post-feminist sensibility. Funny notwithstanding.


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