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Van Wilder (Reynolds) is Coolidge College's coolest dude. Charismatic, carefree and addictively charming, he's a natural fixer of other people's lives. But as for his own college education - get outta here! Van Wilder's much happier just cruising from one hedonistic day to the next, organising parties for fellow students and generally living the life of Riley. Which is precisely what attracts reporter Gwen Pearson (Reid) to write an exposé on his crazy life. Meanwhile daddy's cut off his allowance, and with it all hope of graduation. This occasionally amusing campus comedy takes the whole biscuit tin for bad taste. One especially toe-curling scene involves Van Wilder's handsomely hung bulldog Colossus and a box of eclairs. But whereas the Farrellys explode genuine social issues with often hilarious results, this lot are simply doing gross for gross' sake. There's one saving grace: Reynolds may look a lot like NL's Chevy Chase, but, hey, he's actually quite likeable.


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