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Drew (Jaglom), wrestling with mid-life crisis, has left LA for a new life in New York. He arrives on New Year's Day, only to find that the lease allows the previous tenants an extra day in his apartment. By the time he's argued his way into the living-room, he knows their most intimate problems: Lucy (Jakobson) has a womanising boyfriend, Annie (Welles) is giving up 'compulsive behaviour', and childless Winona (Winter) is feeling broody. They're joined by Lucy's parents, boyfriend and psychiatrist, as well as mutual friends (including Milos Forman) and a psychosexologist (Emil, wonderful). Jaglom's opening monologue gives way to a loosely structured series of revelations, his camera roving among conversations which are by turns banal, touching and funny. Some characters are appealing, but there's not much emotional depth as Jaglom raises complex themes only to conclude that they leave him feeling 'moody and weird'. By the end, you'll know what he means.


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