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Adrian (Flashdance) Lyne's steamy saga of amour fou hardly bears up to the inevitable Last Tango comparisons. He, a slimline, ultracool Mickey Rourke, is a self-satisfied commodities broker. She, sultry yet sweet Kim Basinger, is a recently divorced art gallery gal. She believes love is unimportant until meeting him, and then his teasing request, 'Will you do this for me?', cues a decorative series of sexual variations in search of a theme. Lyne works hard to give their naughty games a glossy veneer - streams of light and water, jagged editing, rock music to seduce by - but prefers to leave the audience to work out the psychology. The film has evidently gone through innumerable revisions, and little remains that is truly daring for the jaded '80s. Bump and grind for the Porsche owner.


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