Ninja III – The Domination


Action and adventure

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Time Out says

Telephone engineer and aerobics wiz Christie (Dickey) becomes possessed by a demon ninja who, leaving her when the plot requires, hides in the fridge or under the sink. What the ninja's masterplan could be is anyone's guess, but he has previously run amok on an Arizona golf course, so it may not be immediate world domination. Rather than golfers, Ninja-Christie kills the cops who doubled the previous incarnate's body-weight in bullets. This sequel to Enter the Ninja and Revenge of the Ninja rapidly auto-sequels itself, as plot and duels repeat every few minutes. It being a Golan/Globus product, smoke and strobes are as special as the effects get, and helicopters crash inexpensively, behind hills. For the necromantically inclined, there's a vocal-only appearance by Diamanda Galas.


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