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Great to watch experts at work, but one of the things that militates against this portrait of professional car thieves is that they daren't show you how they do it (after Rififi, there was a rash of burglars sticking umbrellas through ceilings to catch falling plaster). Beyond carrying a posh shopping-bag to allay suspicion, there are no tips about ripping off Porsches. Rookie cop Benjy (Sweeney) is sent to infiltrate a bent garage owned by Ted Varrick (Sheen), who may have been implicated in the killing of a cop. Varrick lives the high life, and is so personable that Benjy falls for his spell and his sister (Harris, toneless and wilting), besides getting off on stealing cars. Will the cop in him rise up in time to intercept the evil in Varrick? Surface stuff, with neither actor up to the ambiguities, but entertaining enough around the car chases.


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