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Time Out says

Tue Nov 22 2005

So how are you planning to spend the holiday season? For lonely forty-plus singleton Sarandon, it'll be looking after her Alzheimer's-stricken mother, and perhaps contemplating suicide. Pregnant Cruz, on the other hand, will be pondering whether to ditch her hot-head husband-to-be Walker (who has problems of his own since café owner Arkin is convinced the cop's his late wife reincarnated). Wistful Marcus Thomas, on the other hand, longs to be injured so he can recreate a treasured teenage Christmas spent in the hospital. Palminteri's first feature is desperately convinced of the significance of all this, but the film's contrived, overstated and sometimes downright odd miseries singularly fail to persuade. And the pain-factor shoots higher with Robin Williams' 'mysterious stranger', ultra-mawkish as only he knows how, setting in motion the predictable final reel fake uplift. An endurance test, frankly, though buried within is a touchingly fragile performance from Sarandon which hints at the genuine personal tragedies the film's so crassly aiming to exploit.


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UK release:

Fri Nov 25, 2005


96 mins

Cast and crew


Penelope Cruz, Alan Arkin, Susan Sarandon, Paul Walker


Susan Morse


Russell Carpenter


David Hubbard


Eugene Musso, Bart Rosenblatt, Al Corley, Howard Rosenman


Chazz Palminteri

Production Designer:

Carol Spier

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Don't rent this movie...the synopsis on the back of the DVD will tell you this movie is about faith, hope, love, and miracles, but I don't see that anywhere in it (at least in the first 15 minutes). In the first 15 minutes of the film all I saw was a reference to gay people and there preferences, a man and a woman lying in a bed, and a lonely 40-year-old virgin dating what looks like a young man in his thirties. In hopes to spend a good time with my family, sitting on the couch and watching a Christmas movie, I was upset and disappointed. Do your family and friends a favor and dismiss this'll be glad you didn't spend the money to rent or buy this.