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This finds Bond on better form than he's been for some time. The action sequences are tighter, the visual gags more inventive, and if the plot is no great shakes, the whole thing is served up with a decent approximation to the old panache. Predictably, the Red Menace is hammered even harder than usual. No mileage in hanging around dreary old East Berlin though, so quick switch to the exotic sunbaked vistas of India, where Maud Adams presides over an international smuggling gang. Hot in pursuit via balloon, folding mini-jet and supercharged rickshaw comes Bond to try to tie up a few plot strands. If age has done nothing to sap Old Moore's ability to emerge shamelessly into close-up once the stunt double has done his stuff, his potency is showing signs of wear and tear with only two cursory scenes en sack. He even looks vaguely abashed when Ms Adams calls him a hired assassin. Could Bond finally be falling prey to the superspy's most dreaded malady - introspection?


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