Oklahoma Crude


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Crude oil, that is, with Faye Dunaway back in 1913 - hair dyed black and talking so like Jane Fonda that Kramer could be excused for thinking he had perhaps signed her up - reluctantly allowing Pa John Mills and hobo George C Scott to defend her one oil well against the big and nasty Pan Okie oil company, led by Jack Palance. Dunaway, a rabid man hater, nevertheless determined for some reason to succeed in a man's world, fights them all off with a virginal intensity before implausibly succumbing to Scott's embraces in the face of box-office demands. In spite of a couple of attempts (thanks mainly to the script) to venture outside routine comedy-adventure, things remain hampered by the curious casting, blatant overacting, and Big Country theme music. However if the sight grabs you of Scott delivering the 'message' of the film by literally pissing on Palance, with the news that it's what businessmen do to each other all the time, then this might be your movie.


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