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It's been 18 months since Jenny's death (nearer 8 years for the paying public). A decent enough period for mourning, but now Oliver must 'get out and meet people'. Equally manipulative in its intentions, the sequel to Love Story is less Oliver's Story than a neo-conservative tribute to 'life involvement'. 'Tangible incentive' murmurs his therapist when O'Neal's permanent angst at last fetches up against Candice Bergen (beautiful... liberated...rich), and his musings turn once more to love and exploitation. As far as it goes, all perfectly competently handled, aside from the occasional masochistic hilarity ('Is that how you know it's good? When it hurts?'). What really hurts is that the prodigal's final return to his father's wealth and business is seen as more life-enhancing than his community law practice. CPea.


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