Only Angels Have Wings

Take Hollywood's idea of a small banana republic in Central America, move in on its bar cum rooming-house cum airstrip, focus on the group of people living and working there, and you've got the basic elements of Hawks' terrific Only Angels Have Wings, or Only Mad People Want to Fly Mail Planes Over the Andes. Hemmed in by impassable mountains (all the time) and fog and blizzards (most of the time), the personal and work ethics of this little crew become magnified to epic proportions. But it's an epic played out in the confined space of the Dutchman's bar; the more claustrophobic because these men are flyers and need the open sky. If it sounds improbable, it is. Mythical cinema at its best.

Release details

Duration: 121 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Howard Hawks
Screenwriter: Jules Furthman
Cast: Cary Grant
Jean Arthur
Richard Barthelmess
Rita Hayworth
Thomas Mitchell
Allyn Joslyn
Sig Ruman
Victor Kilian
John Carroll
Don Barry
Noah Beery Jr
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