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At a London society wedding, small-time thief Dominic Colpoys-Owen (Morgan, eyes twinkling) charms Fina (Tani), daughter of a Far Eastern ambassador who keeps a £100k in the diplomatic safe. Tired of running errands for (and cuckolding) American smuggler Preedy (Crawford), Dominic plots with Fina's help to rob her father's safe. Dominic, Preedy and top cracksman the Colonel (Hartnell) enter the embassy's basement via Belgravia (now Knightsbridge) tube station and a disused tunnel branching off the Piccadilly line, but getting out with the loot is never going to be as straightforward. Agreeably showing its age, with its references to scrubbers and chisellers and furniture by G-Plan (as credited in the opening titles), Rilla's feature, which came out the same year as his better known Village of the Damned, is most notable for its thrilling underground sequences.


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