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London, 1748. Notorious highwayman Plunkett (Carlyle) is on the run from ruthless Thief-Taker General Chance (Stott). Meanwhile, Capt Macleane (Lee Miller), who has the manners of an aristo but none of the financial wherewithal, faces a spell in debtors' prison. Criminal partnership between the men will help both with their money problems and throw the law off the scent. Gaining instant notoriety as 'the Gentlemen Highway-men', they attract the attention of Rebecca (Tyler), niece of Lord Gibson (Gambon). Scott's first feature is an enticing set-up but with little inspiration in the follow through. Of course, we root for the boys, since Carlyle and Miller have an easy rapport, but the plotting's fumbled, Tyler is given little to do, Stott's sideline villainy is fudged, and the frenetically upbeat last reel is almost nonsensical.


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