Poltergeist 2: The Other Side


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Some people never learn. The Freeling family sensibly quit their hole in the ground at Cuesta Verde and take refuge with Granma Jess, who recognises a fellow clairvoyant in little Carol Anne. Soon the psychic forces are shaking up their domestic life, and a cadaverous stranger seems determined to take the blonde moppet back into the other world. Enter Munchkin medium Tangina (Rubinstein) and an all-wise Red Indian (Sampson) to join in the battle, and the old tug-of-war is noisily enacted again. This sequel, sans Spielberg but obedient to his spirit, simply fails to regenerate the original's gut-grinding fears that make you dread ever scratching a spot again. And the contribution of Giger's design work has only added one near-unwatchable sequence.


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