Pretty as a Picture: The Art of David Lynch



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Time Out says

Essentially 'The Making of Lost Highway', this covers various stages of the shoot, the music recording in Prague and the premiere at Sundance and contains interviews with all the key people, most of them going well beyond promo-speak. A mini history of Lynch as both a film-maker and a painter is rather awkwardly spliced in (but who's complaining?). We learn from family members and friends how real life experiences were turned into images and motifs in the films, get a guided tour of the Eraserhead sets and hear from Mel Brooks why he hired 'a young Charles Lindbergh' to direct The Elephant Man. Topped by increasingly improbable hair, Lynch is remarkably forthcoming. Best revelation: the origins of Bob in Twin Peaks. The DVD release adds 15 minutes of out-takes from the interviews, including Jack Fisk on the young Lynch's visits to the Philadelphia morgue.


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