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Fabulous cast, so-so idea. This is yet another post-Big Chill way-we-were movie: a bunch of buddies hang out remembering the good times, the bad times, the godawful records. What's testing their communal ability to grow up here is marriage: the impending one between painter Olin and hairdresser Webb, and the crumbling one between Mantegna's mouthy fishmonger and Fiorentino. The rest of the gang is on hand to provide moral or alcoholic support. Steve Rash handles the slightly diffuse business with sensitivity, but the film coasts mainly on the acting. Mantegna stands out for sheer bravado; Chloe Webb just about contrives to steal the show with a lipful of feistiness. But, as usual, it's really a boys' film, about leering, beering and losing your swim-shorts, and for straight boozy larking, Hangin' with the Homeboys has it licked by a mile.


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