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The portentous opening voice-over by Moss - about an ecologically ravaged Earth and the terra-forming colonisation of Mars with oxygen producing algae - does not bode well. Nor does the interminable journey to the planet itself, during which we learn precious little about Moss's mission commander and her motley crew of pragmatic systems engineer Kilmer, arrogant geneticist Sizemore, truthseeking philosopher Stamp, macho flyboy Bratt and terra-forming expert Baker. Once the male crew's exploration module crashlands on Mars, though, destroying most of their equipment, we're on familiar, inhospitable ground. Alone aboard their orbiting, damaged spaceship, Moss makes repairs and finally establishes radio contact with her stranded crew. If they don't make it back, Earth and its inhabitants are doomed. The pedestrian script lurches from dull exposition to large scale action and low key exchanges of dialogue. But Peter Suschitzky adds texture and atmosphere with his stunning cinematography. One for diehard genre fans in a forgiving mood.


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