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Young guns Sutherland and Phillips team up again, this time as a renegade cop and a Lakota Indian thrown together by tangentially related crimes. Working undercover to expose a bent cop, Sutherland participates in a heist that goes wrong; the fleeing gang members duck into a museum, where they kill Phillips' brother and make off with a priceless Lakota spear. Subsequently left for dead, Sutherland is saved by Phillips, and the two embark on a joint quest, suppressing their mutual hostility as they pursue the murderers down Philadelphia's mean-ish streets. Sholder's robust staging of the car chases, punch-ups and shootouts recalls the kinetic energy of his earlier The Hidden. His handling of the quieter familial and buddy-buddy realtionships, on the other hand, is hopelessly leaden, serving only to stop the action-packed narrative in its tracks. The sadly under-used Jami Gertz turns up briefly as a beauty parlour bimbo with 'disposable love interest' written all over her.


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