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When LA punk Otto (Estevez) loses both girl and job, he's hardly prepared for an adventure of mind-blowing proportions when he's conned into helping out a repo man (Stanton). Not only does he find himself in mortal danger while repossessing cars from irate owners, he also gets caught up in a manic world populated by knitting cops, CIA clones, lobotomised nuclear scientists, drippy hippies, UFO freaks, and the roguish Rodriguez Brothers, all in search of a '64 Chevy carrying a lethal cargo. Cox's weird and wonderful first feature defies description, with a plot and characters at once grounded in the seedy reality of Reagan's America and effortlessly enhanced by flights of pure, imaginative fantasy. What distinguishes the movie is its offbeat, semi-satirical sense of humour, seamlessly woven into its wacky thriller plot. But there are endless things to enjoy, from Robby Müller's crisp camerawork to a superb set of performances, from witty movie parodies to a tremendous punk soundtrack.



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