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Goofball Gordon (Arquette) is a US mailman who can deal with any man-hating canine. It's women and small children he can't handle. So when his uptight neighbour Stephanie is looking for a babysitter for son James, Gordon's offer is rash indeed. Things take a downturn when FBI über-dog Agent 11 escapes from a witness protection programme and winds up in Gordon's truck. James (Jones) isn't the only one who wants the cute dawg. On his trail are a couple of goons hired by mobster, Sonny Talia, to 'put the whack' on the drug-detecting pooch; Agent 11's emotionally distraught partner, Agent Murdoch (Duncan) is close behind. James adopts the dog and calls him 'Spot'. Let the chaos commence. Crude and lewd, and the dog's the smartest act in the movie - the kids will love it.


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