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Released after years of mental healthcare, Ray (Craig) is put on medication and placed in the care of brother Pete (Morrissey), the owner of a café. Walking again through Shepherd's Bush, W London, is uncomfortable, but badgering Pete for a job in the kitchen should give Ray stability, while an encounter with Laura (MacDonald) may open new possibilities. Laura's attracted to Dave because he's direct to the point of foolhardiness, spontaneous and fun to be with. She senses, however, that he's not quite like anyone she's met before. Penhall's adaptation of his play remains an actors' showcase. Morrissey skilfully registers abiding filial love tested by simmering exasperation; MacDonald's adept at lippy on top, vulnerable underneath; and Craig's vibrant yet haunted expressiveness tells us everything needful about this doomed sweetheart. It's thus over-egging it somewhat when the whirling camera effects and freaky sound mix overstates the point that our man really is not well.


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