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Time Out says

Tue Nov 21 2006

Interracial relationships are examined in this alleged comedy that provoked only scornful laughter at the film’s press screening. Attractive black heroine Kenya (Sanaa Lathan) states she will not date white men: bring on rent-a-hunk landscape gardener, Brian (Simon Baker), who might just be the man to change her mind. Unfortunately, there’s no chemistry between them: dialogue exchanges are stilted and preachy, as each one defends their position on race and relationships, while not-so-subtly hinting at an attraction that could conflict with Kenya’s preference. It’s an interesting subject, but clumsily handled and unmistakably American in its cultural setting, giving it minimal appeal for European audiences. The characterisation-by-numbers means both leads are reduced to unsympathetic stereotypes, although, like ‘Guess Who’, this manages to wrangle a couple of acceptable gags from the reverse racism of Kenya’s family (‘The white guy’s really nice!’ comments one black party-goer in surprise). But by and large this is a hollow, laugh-free zone paying lip service to the issue in trite, predictable fashion. Cynical journalists may not be the only ones to feel shortchanged.


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Fri Nov 24, 2006


99 mins

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