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Live-action cartoon about a cape. It's a big cape, smooth, crimson and graceful, and it belongs to Spawn (White) who, having died, has unwittingly sold his soul to the Devil, who reckons the ex-assassin will lead his army to the Gates of Heaven. In return, Spawn gets a metallic body armour-cum-armoury, with matching cape. Now he can fly, form an impenetrable cocoon or disappear. He can even provide fancy cuts between scenes. Admittedly, that's a simplified analysis: you could argue the subject's a hunchbacked clown (Leguizamo), Satan's henchman, who, having tired of spewing out grim jokes, morphs into a monstrous dog-beast. In future, Dippé, an old SFX hand, needs to think about how to tell a story, rather than merely throw together elements of Batman, Blade Runner, Star Wars and James Bond.


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