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Set in the flooded and polluted London of 2008, this low-budget sci-fi movie has renegade cop Harley Stone (Hauer) and his rookie partner Durkin (Duncan) on the trail of a monstrous serial killer who rips out his victims' hearts. Splashing about the waterlogged city, Stone senses some telepathic connection with the killer, who leaves cryptic occult messages written in blood. Neither the instinctive Stone nor his eccentric boffin partner can figure it out, so they do what all good macho cops do when confronted with an evil force they don't understand: they strap on some major firepower and blast everything in sight. This derivative eco-horror movie recycles dozens of disposable plots, flinging together all-purpose action man Hauer, a futuristic setting, and a reptilian alien. Hauer could do this stuff in his sleep, and the film looks as though Maylam did.


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