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Ross (Schwartzman) is a slacker on wheels - wheels which land him a job ferrying Nikki (Murphy) between the vet, her boyfriend the Cook (Rourke), and neighbourhood dealer Spider Mike (Leguizamo). The Cook might not be the easiest employer in town, but as the best speed chemist in California, he proffers substantial perks. The movie's spasmodic hyper-close-up look is intentionally lapel grabbing, but promo-whiz Åkerlund seems to imagine that's an end in itself. A vain assumption, given that he's lifted most of his tricks from other film-makers. For want of anything to say, the movie adopts a smug amoralism. In one offensive running gag, Ross leaves a naked woman handcuffed to his bed. We're supposed to find it funny that he slaps some music on before he exits and the disc skips to replay the same bar again and again.

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