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Stand Up Guys

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Tue Jun 25 2013

Fresh out of prison after a 28-year stint, career criminal Val (Al Pacino) is picked up at the gate by his old partner, Doc (Christopher Walken). The duo make some catch-up small talk, but all Val really wants to do is ‘party’. Doc goes along willingly to the local whorehouse and a singles bar. Yet he’s clearly in the dumps about something – namely, that he’s been contracted by a vicious mob boss to kill Val for a long-ago transgression.

This moronically unfunny gangster comedy fluctuates wildly between the lowest-of-low humour and pity-the-aged-man pathos, and offers further evidence that, for its iconic cast members, the best days are behind them. At least Walken’s sub-Tarantino posturing is counterbalanced by his stellar recent work in ‘A Late Quartet’ and ‘Seven Psychopaths’. But exhausted-looking Pacino has been coasting long enough that this latest lazy performance feels singularly depressing. He flails helplessly through torturously dragged-out gag sequences – the Viagra-overdose set piece is some kind of career nadir – and courts cheap-seats sentiment with a number of bathetic reminiscences about the old days. American cinema’s thrillingly rabid mongrel has become a pitiable mutt.



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Fri Jun 28, 2013


95 mins

Cast and crew


Fisher Stevens


Al Pacino, Christopher Walken, Alan Arkin

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I have to disagree with Timeout comprehensively on this one because the beauty of this picture is in its script. The dialogue is simply superb matched only by its brilliant casting. This isn't a gangster movie of any sort; it's a new age love story - the kind that exists between friends and in watching this, you're able to reflect upon your own friendships.


Please ignore yet another scandalously inaccurate and disrespectful one star rating from Time Out. This is an uneven yet sprightly and entertaining crime comedy drama. It may not rank amongst any of the stars` best work but they`re all more than competent. The TO reviewer`s poisonous verbal attack on Pacino as "a pitiable mutt" is way out of line.