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Five hapless robbers attempt to break into a bank while hosting a club night at the Lucky Dragon next door. The prize is a 12th century Chinese artefact with which their leader Ben (Scott) will settle a Mob debt incurred by his late brother. Their problem: if the music decibel levels rise too high, the club owner will close the joint down; too low, Ben's 'crack team' can't use their explosives. The would-be robbers includes a superstitious epileptic who flips out when confronted with strobe lighting, a cracksman who works better when stoned, and a feisty Lucy Liu-type who swears a lot. In fact, they all swear a lot, perhaps to cover for the paltry script. This is a smorgasbord of special effects, split screens, gadgetry and rapid camerawork, not to mention a frenetic score. Unpersuasive on almost every level.


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