Stone Cold


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Way down in Mississippi, a group of outlaw bikers is all revved up, performing William Tell acts with cans of beer while one bald, mean daredevil blasts priests from their pulpits. Uncovering the Brotherhood's plans to join forces with the Mafia, the FBI recruits suspended cop Joe Huff (ex-American football star Bosworth in his debut); a maverick with anti-social tendencies and a sterling record in 'biker-related arrests', he goes undercover to infiltrate the Brotherhood. The first ten minutes offer rampaging bikers and Bosworth laying waste to armed thugs, with the remaining running-time spent on variations of the same. Stuntman turned director Baxley piles on the corpses, punch-ups and exploding cars with the passion of a pro in this formulaic action fodder. Henriksen, as the maniacal lead biker, steals the movie from under Bosworth's nose.


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