Tarzan and the Mermaids


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Tarzan's all puffy and gone to seed (it was Weissmuller's last appearance in the role), Africa looks weird (the movie was shot in Mexico) and the African tribe looks weirdest of all, what with George Zucco in his campy witch doctor outfit, Linda Christian - toast of Acapulco - as the jungle princess, and a bunch of tribesmen who might be extras from Viva Zapata! There's a strange-looking, virgin-demanding deity who must have frightened the kids' audience out of their wits, and a spatchcocked visual 'style' ranging from florid (Figueroa, presumably) to primitive. Despite much to-ing and fro-ing, there's no sense of time or distance, and the disjointed, dreamlike state which the film embodies is more usually achieved by the ingestion of not necessarily legal substances. As to the mermaids, but they stay below the surface, out of sight.


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