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Nobody wanted a remake of ‘Ghostbusters’. Nobody. But then along came Paul Feig (the man behind ‘Bridesmaids’ and ‘The Heat’) and gave the whole thing a gender flip. Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig lead the troupe of spook hunters. We’re hoping for comic gold – thus sticking two fingers up at the internet saddos who can’t bear girl ghostbusters.

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Jason Bourne

Bourne again! After a one-film holiday, Matt Damon is back. The third film in the franchise, ‘The Bourne Supremacy’ wrapped things up pretty neatly. Still, this movie reteams Damon with director Paul Greengrass, so we’re imagining they had a pretty good reason to bring Jason Bourne back (aside from massive wads of cash, that is).

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Release date: Friday July 29 2016 Now Showing

Central Intelligence

No word of a lie – Dwayne Johnson (AKA The Rock) deserves an Oscar for this action comedy. His sweet, loveable performance as a former bullying victim who may or may not be in the CIA saves ‘Central Intelligence’ from an unoriginal plot and Kevin Hart’s overacting. The pair play ex high-school buddies on the trail of a terrorist. Perfect not-too-brain-taxing Friday night fun.

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Notes on Blindness

In the early 1980s, Australian academic John Hull began losing his sight before the birth of his second child. He started recording the experience on audio cassettes. This moving doc uses the tapes as the starting point for a thoughtful, powerful exploration of fear, fatherhood and how quickly our lives can change forever.

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Star Trek Beyond

The Enterprise heads out to the furthest reach of space and… encounters Idris Elba in crazy-face make-up. This is the third instalment in the rebooted Trek, and we’re on the fence about whether it can recapture the giddy space-operatic fun of the first film. The trailers look noisy and a bit soulless, but Simon Pegg has co-written the script.

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Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie

Sweeties, they’re back. Two decades after the Beeb comedy first aired, fashion trainwrecks Edina and Patsy are hitting the big screen. The story finds the pair in hiding on the French Riviera after Eddy accidentally pushes Kate Moss into the Thames at a fashion bash. Hard to tell which way this will go. But we’re in it for cameos from Mossy and Victoria Beckham.

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Maggie's Plan

This smart, grown-up New York romcom tiptoes into Woody Allen territory. Greta Gerwig brings her klutzy, kooky cool-girl charm to the role of Maggie, an academic trying for a child by a sperm donor when she meets the man of her dreams, a married anthropology prof (Ethan Hawke).

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This fly-on-the-wall doc follows New York mayoral hopeful Anthony Weiner through the 2013 campaign. It’s Weiner’s political comeback after a sexting scandal ended his career in Congress, but not everything goes to plan. A must watch for politics junkies.

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Judging from the trailer, this film of Roald Dahl’s iconic children’s book is so twinkly it’ll be seen from space. Steven Spielberg directs, with Mark Rylance playing the Big Friendly Giant, and radiating all shades of sunshine.

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Author: The JT LeRoy Story

JT LeRoy became a literary superstar in the 1990s. A 17-year-old American transgendered woman living with Aids, she wrote semi-autobiographical stories inspired by her white trash childhood on the streets. Thing is, it was all a lie. JT LeRoy was a hoax – created by a middle-aged writer, Laura Albert. This film unpicks the truth.

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Release date: Friday July 29 2016
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I was lucky enough to catch an advance screening of this movie, and I was extremely glad I did. After watching the previews I felt as though a lot of the movie was given away, but I was blown away by the performances on screen. The movie was centered around a champion prize fighter hitting rock bottom, and slowly climbing his way back into the ring. It was an emotional journey that cannot simply be categorized as a movie about boxing, but rather, an inspiring and riveting tale of parenthood and a father's love for his daughter. The cast was excellent and everyone excelled in their roles. I wouldn't have expected to like Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson in a role as much as I did. Jake Gyllenhaal and Forest Whitaker had Oscar worthy performances. Everyone did a great job with their roles. The cinematography was fantastic, and the fight scenes gave some great first person shots that made you feel as though you were there in the ring fighting along side the actors. Overall, this movie is an experience that is not to be missed

Chris jones
Chris jones

Schoenarts is amazing in 'Rust and Bone' as well, with Marainne Cotillard. By the way he's Belgian, not Dutch, and it not too hard to pronounce if you ignore the spelling - shone (rhymes with bone) arts - shone-arts .