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Ten new movie releases you need to know about this month

April's biggest, best and trending films


Captain America: Civil War

Can’t wait until 2018 for the ‘Avengers’ reunion? You don’t have to! Based on a nerd-favourite comic book storyline, ‘Civil War’ sees our square-jawed hero going up against Iron Man for control of the Avengers family. Expect Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr to square off with quips and fisticuffs – and for at least a couple of the other caped crusaders to pop up in cameos.

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Midnight Special

A spectacular cast have turned out for ‘Mud’-director Jeff Nichols’ sci-fi road movie with a hint of Spielberg. Michael Shannon plays a father who has kidnapped his son from a cult – ably supported by Joel Edgerton, Kirsten Dunst, Adam Driver and the great Sam Shepard.

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Son of Saul

This staggering, immersive Holocaust drama surprised no one by winning Best Foreign Language Film at the Oscars. Directed by first-time Hungarian director László Nemes it’s set over 24 hours in 1944, following a Jewish concentration camp inmate as he desperately tries to find a rabbi to bury a small boy. Impossible to forget.

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The Jungle Book

Here’s the first of two new films adapted from Rudyard Kipling’s beloved tales. This Disney version directed by Jon Favreau takes its cues as much from the goofy, glorious 1960s cartoon as from Kipling. We’re not totally sold on the trailer – the celebrity voices don’t seem to fit their animal characters at all – but the effects look spectacular. Keep your claws crossed.

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Director Sebastian Schipper has pulled off something spectacular with ‘Victoria’, his heist film shot in a single 138-minute take in real time. Filmed in the wee hours in Berlin it’s the story of a young Spanish woman girl who stumbles out of club and into jeopardy (instead of an Uber). 

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The Huntsman: Winter's War

Heigh ho. Kristen Stewart has jumped ship, leaving Charlize Theron holding the franchise as Snow White's sexy evil stepmother Ravenna. This second film is a prequel, beginning with the transformation of Ravenna’s sister Freya into the Snow Queen who, consumed by grief and bitterness, kidnaps children for her army of heartless killers. 

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28 Days Later…

No, we’re not 15 years too late. The folks over at Secret Cinema are back, and this time they’re announcing the film beforehand – Danny Boyle's apocalyptic horror '28 Days Later'. Prepare to duck as those zombies come running after you. And book close to payday: tickets are £64.50 (each!).

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After ‘Rust and Bone’ and ‘A Prophet’, French auteur Jacques Audiard takes an interesting left turn with ‘Dheepan’. It's the story of Tamil refugees living on a tough housing estate in Paris, and is a passionate, powerful film that gives a face and a voice to immigrants. 

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Hardcore Henry

In an idea borrowed from first-person shooter video games, action-packed ‘Hardcore Henry’ is filmed entirely from the perspective of its main character, a cyborg suffering from a complete memory wipe. Watch the trailer and decide for yourself. Does this look like a slice of cinematic awesomeness, or like it will make your eyeballs ache after five minutes? 

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Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

After killing it on TV in ‘30 Rock’, Tina Fey’s transition to movies has been a non-starter. Is that about to change? In war comedy-drama ‘WTF’ (as we’re abbreviating ‘Whisky Tango Foxtrot’) she plays real-life journalist Kim Barker, who volunteered for reporting in Afghanistan and got hooked to the adrenaline of front line. 

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I was lucky enough to catch an advance screening of this movie, and I was extremely glad I did. After watching the previews I felt as though a lot of the movie was given away, but I was blown away by the performances on screen. The movie was centered around a champion prize fighter hitting rock bottom, and slowly climbing his way back into the ring. It was an emotional journey that cannot simply be categorized as a movie about boxing, but rather, an inspiring and riveting tale of parenthood and a father's love for his daughter. The cast was excellent and everyone excelled in their roles. I wouldn't have expected to like Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson in a role as much as I did. Jake Gyllenhaal and Forest Whitaker had Oscar worthy performances. Everyone did a great job with their roles. The cinematography was fantastic, and the fight scenes gave some great first person shots that made you feel as though you were there in the ring fighting along side the actors. Overall, this movie is an experience that is not to be missed

Chris jones
Chris jones

Schoenarts is amazing in 'Rust and Bone' as well, with Marainne Cotillard. By the way he's Belgian, not Dutch, and it not too hard to pronounce if you ignore the spelling - shone (rhymes with bone) arts - shone-arts .