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Ten new movie releases you need to know about this month

July's biggest, best and trending films


Inside Out

Pixar are back! After a run of disappointments (‘Brave’, ‘Cars 2’, ‘Monsters University’), the folks behind ‘Toy Story’ return with their best movie in years. ‘Inside Out’ takes place inside the mind of a young girl, where her emotions – joy, sadness, fear and the rest – battle for control. The result is sweet and funny enough for little ones, but so sharp and strange it’ll please the parents too.

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The production was a nightmare, the trailers are feeble and the premise doesn’t exactly scream ‘watch me’. It’s fair to say expectations are pretty low for Marvel’s latest superhero effort. But look again. The cast is terrific – Paul Rudd plays a deadbeat who stumbles upon an amazing shrink-suit designed by Michael Douglas’s crusading scientist – and Marvel’s track record is pretty unimpeachable. Lets just say our fingers are crossed…

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Love And Mercy

Beach Boys songwriter, producer and singer Brian Wilson might just have possessed the twentieth-century’s most remarkable, God-given musical talent, but his personal life was a shambles. Undermined by his father and his bandmates, Brian went into a drug-induced spiral in the mid-60s and never really recovered. This highly-acclaimed biopic follows Wilson at two key periods in his life: in 1965, as he completes the ‘Pet Sounds’ album, and in the mid-80s, when he received psychiatric care from controversial therapist Eugene Landy.

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Terminator Genisys

Winner of 2015’s silliest title award, ‘Genisys’ aims to repair the damage done by 2009’s ‘Terminator Salvation’ by getting back to basics: killer robots, time travel, massive explosions and Arnold Schwarzenegger deadpanning it in a leather jacket. They’ve junked the original trilogy’s timeline, and the move is set in an alternate 1984 where Sarah Connor (now played by Emilia Clarke from ‘Game of Thrones’) is already a gun-toting badass with her own pet Terminator.

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He may have passed away in March this year at the age of 93, but documentary pioneer Albert Maysles (‘Gimme Shelter’, ‘Grey Gardens’) was working right up to the last second. And now his final film is set for a UK release. Iris tells the story of Iris Apfel, one of New York’s most beloved, free-spirited fashionistas, a woman so quick-witted she puts Dorothy Parker to shame. 

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Release date: Friday July 31 2015


Jake Gylenhall has delivered some stunning performances in recent years – just check out the amazing ‘Nightcrawler’. But that Oscar remains frustratingly out his grasp. Will this earnest boxing flick change his luck? It’s the story of a fighter and family man whose life spirals when his wife is killed and his child taken into care. Jake looks impressive – all blood and muscle – but is the film just a bit too tragedy-of-the-week?

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Magic Mike XXL

Channing Tatum’s back in this sequel to the smash hit ‘Magic Mike’. Sadly, there’s no Matthew McConaughey this time – and director Steven Soderbergh has taken a back seat too. But this is still a hugely enjoyable romp, particularly if you enjoy the sight of buff young Hollywood stars rampaging around Florida in their undercrackers.

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Voice of an angel, mouth of a sailor and mind like a steel trap, Amy Winehouse was one of this country’s most unusual and unpredictable music stars. In the wake of her tragic early death in 2011, a warts-and-all biopic was inevitable. But ‘Amy’ is much more than your average shock doc: this is a thoughtful, compassionate film from ‘Senna’ director Asif Kapadia.

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Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation

We were disappointed by dinosaurs in ‘Jurassic World’ and underwhelmed by androids in ‘Terminator Genisys’. Can Tom Cruise turn this summer of sequels around? He returns as Ethan Hunt, the wire-swingin’, skyscraper-scalin’, bad-guy-blastin’ secret agent on another impossible mission for his CIA-style bosses. The presence of ‘Jack Reacher’ director Christophe McQuarrie promises a touch more grit this time around – but it’s the epic stunts we’re all here for, right?

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Release date: Thursday July 30 2015 Now Showing


Get lucky with writer-director Mia Hansen Love’s wistful evocation of the French house scene in the 1990s. A tale of romance, raving, electronic experimentation and seriously heavy beats, ‘Eden’ was a smash on the film festival scene in 2014. With music from Daft Punk and other funky Frenchmen, this is a smart, sharp and artful toe-tapper.

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Chris jones
Chris jones

Schoenarts is amazing in 'Rust and Bone' as well, with Marainne Cotillard. By the way he's Belgian, not Dutch, and it not too hard to pronounce if you ignore the spelling - shone (rhymes with bone) arts - shone-arts .