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Ten new movie releases you need to know about this month

September's biggest, best and trending films


Ricki and the Flash

Here’s Meryl Streep with another of her finest-actress-of-her-generation-behaving-badly roles. She is Ricki, an ageing rocker in glued-on leather trousers who walked out on her husband and kids years ago to follow her dreams and is back to deal with a family crisis. American reviews have been so so, but Meryl is typically on Oscar-baitingly good form.

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Release date: Friday September 4 2015

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

This year’s ‘The Fault in Our Stars’, with added indie credentials for arthouse movie lovers, Sundance sensation ‘Me and Earl and the Dying Girl’ is the story of two nerdy high school kids who put their amateur filmmaking talents to philanthropic use when a fellow student falls ill with cancer. 

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Release date: Friday September 4 2015 Now Showing


Tom Hardy does hardman – or rather hardmen – playing both Kray twins in this biopic of the crime overlords of the East End. The director is American Brian Helgeland (who wrote ‘LA Confidential’ and ‘Mystic River’) so this is unlikely to slide into Guy ‘Easy, geeza!’ Ritchie territory.

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Release date: Friday September 11 2015

Irrational Man

For all his fretting over mortality, Woody Allen seems somehow to have transcended it. At 79, he continues to work with the diligence of an ambitious Goldman Sachs intern. Few are expecting him ever to regain the heights of his late-1970s heyday, but this Joaquin Phoenix-starring drama about – you guessed it – a depressive intellectual is entertaining enough.

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Release date: Friday September 11 2015


When asked why he was drawn to Everest, mountaineer George Mallory famously replied, ‘Because it’s there.’ The filmmakers presumably made this account of the 1996 Everest disaster because it happened. The extraordinary blizzard that engulfed the mountain at the height of climbing season is ready-made blockbuster material – like ‘The Day After Tomorrow’, but real. Could do for high altitude what ‘Gravity’ did for space.

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Release date: Friday September 18 2015 Now Showing

99 Homes

Andrew Garfield goes indie with his first post-‘Spidey’ role in this US economic crash drama. He plays Dennis Nash, a young construction worker in Florida who sells his soul to the devil when he agrees to work for the scumbag property tycoon (Michael Shannon) who repossessed his family home. Director Ramin Bahrani has got track record in sharp, socially engaged indies, so expect some biting state-of-the-nation commentary.

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Release date: Friday October 16 2015


No, not the caveman diet fad, but the biannual horserace held in the picturesque heart of Siena. The race may be little known outside Italy, but this doc packs in enough colourful details –corruption, vicious beatings, dried ox penises – to keep you hooked. It’s been dubbed ‘“Rocky” on horseback’ by one critic.

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Release date: Friday October 9 2015

Mia Madre

Italian director Nanni Moretti is associated on the one hand with offbeat, cerebral comedies (‘We Have a Pope’), and on the other with his Cannes-winning thinking-man’s weepie ‘The Son’s Room’. His latest film, about a director struggling with her career and family – as well as a diva American actor (John Turturro) – looks like it combines both.

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Release date: Friday September 25 2015

Miss You Already

Drew Barrymore and Toni Collette look set to jerk tears with this tissues-‘n’-issues drama about two besties whose friendship is tested when one encounters personal tragedy. (Are you sitting down? It’s cancer.) The two actresses are always good value, and director Catherine Hardwicke made the excellent ‘Thirteen’ (as well as steering the ‘Twilight’ series to global domination). Let’s hope they can keep the whole thing from tipping over into naff melodrama.

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Release date: Friday September 25 2015


How do you play the most iconic screen star of all time without paling in comparison? It’s a conundrum that this biopic of pre-fame James Dean tackles head-on. Fresh from his star turn in Allen Ginsberg drama ‘Kill Your Darlings’ with Daniel Radcliffe, Dane DeHaan returns to the beat milieu with a brave performance as the brooding rebel – even if, as our reviewer opined, he doesn’t quite have the looks. The same can’t be said of ‘Life’ itself, filmed in muted vintage hues by arch-stylist Anton Corbijn.

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Release date: Friday September 25 2015


ryan g
ryan g

I was lucky enough to catch an advance screening of this movie, and I was extremely glad I did. After watching the previews I felt as though a lot of the movie was given away, but I was blown away by the performances on screen. The movie was centered around a champion prize fighter hitting rock bottom, and slowly climbing his way back into the ring. It was an emotional journey that cannot simply be categorized as a movie about boxing, but rather, an inspiring and riveting tale of parenthood and a father's love for his daughter. The cast was excellent and everyone excelled in their roles. I wouldn't have expected to like Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson in a role as much as I did. Jake Gyllenhaal and Forest Whitaker had Oscar worthy performances. Everyone did a great job with their roles. The cinematography was fantastic, and the fight scenes gave some great first person shots that made you feel as though you were there in the ring fighting along side the actors. Overall, this movie is an experience that is not to be missed

Chris jones
Chris jones

Schoenarts is amazing in 'Rust and Bone' as well, with Marainne Cotillard. By the way he's Belgian, not Dutch, and it not too hard to pronounce if you ignore the spelling - shone (rhymes with bone) arts - shone-arts .