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It had to happen: the film of the video game. The plot, with 27 minutes cut in this dubbed release print, is utterly incomprehensible. The Monster, a hi-tech camper-van driven by gutsy heroine Gus (Allen), is trying to reach the Terminus, evading Government Forces and an evil Doctor's camouflaged pursuit vehicle en route. A little later Max Max clone Stump (Hallyday) takes over The Monster. The game seems to have something to do with the stowaway Princess he finds on board, and some experiments in genetic mutation being conducted by the evil Doctor. It's hard to tell, but only a masochist would wish this snail-paced kiddies sci-fi pic - with its second-hand images, appalling dialogue, and cardboard sets - to last a moment longer. Terminal boredom sets in long before the end of the journey, its purpose still obscure.


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