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Imagine Police Academy-style japes, updated with jovial bestiality and performed under the watchful eye of scatological mastermind and exec producer Adam Sandler. Interested? Desperate to get on the police force, wimpy cadet Marvin Mange (Schneider) slugs badger milk for enhanced nourishment. After a car crash, he develops superhuman powers, to the chagrin of bullying Sgt Sisk (McGinley). It turns out Marvin was rebuilt by a mad scientist using 'pioneering animal transmutation'. Now he struggles to suppress his four-legged side. Schneider's sizeable talent for animal mimicry is revealed in a slew of visual pranks. Curiously, Marvin's magnetism somehow works on tree rescuer and insipid love interest Rianna (Haskell). His pals, however, just think that confessing to uncontrollable animal instincts means he's addicted to porn. Superbly crass.


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