The Assassination of Trotsky

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Unhistorical evocation of Trotsky's last couple of months in exile in Mexico before the Stalinist agents got to him. Burton as Trotsky is set up very deliberately as a dry, pedantic figure, and his ideas accordingly shrink in importance. Delon, too, as the enigmatic assassin, seems like an unfinished character until the brilliantly shot scene where he watches a bullfight. From there Losey's on his own, fascinatedly turning this key historical event into a Secret Ceremony. We're so starved of hard information that one can only wish for more.

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Duration: 103 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Joseph Losey
Screenwriter: Nicholas Mosley, Masolino D'Amico
Cast: Richard Burton
Alain Delon
Romy Schneider
Valentina Cortese
Giorgio Albertazzi
Duilio Del Prete
Jean Desailly
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