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'Who would believe this? It reads like tabloid journalism, not an archaeological report,' maunders Father Guttierez (Banderas), an ex-soldier unimpressed by his latest mission from God. Seems one Dr Golden (Williams) has unearthed a crucified corpse and dated it back to AD 32. She believes she may have the body of Christ on her hands. But isn't Resurrection the whole enchilada? Obviously, the future of the Christian faith is at stake. Guttierez hotfoots it from the Vatican to Jerusalem where the doc generously allows him to check out her credentials. Meanwhile sinister Palestinian agents and shady Israeli security forces vie to trade a cover-up for papal favours. Writer/director McCord doesn't do much to flesh out the bare bones of his airport novel material, but treats it with an earnestness which precludes the promised trashy thrills. Flemyng and Jacobi compete for the dodgy accent award - a pointless effort in any Banderas movie.


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