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The Final Destination

There will come a time in the not-too-distant future when the appeal of 3D will fade, when the time-honoured values of story, dialogue and character will once again be prized above giant pointy objects zooming perilously into the delighted faces of a screaming audience. But until that day arrives there’s absolutely no reason not to enjoy ‘The Final Destination’, a film which doesn’t just pride itself on the spikiest, shiniest collection of audience-intimidating implements yet seen (nails, knives, scissors, screwdrivers) but adds a whole host of hitherto unimagined threats from flaming cars, rogue ceiling fans and even a killer car wash.

The plot is familiar from previous instalments in the ‘Final Destination’ series: forgettable well-sculpted do-gooder receives visions of impending disaster (in this case a nasty Nascar pileup) and hustles his chums out of danger. This causes the non-corporeal spirit of random death to become mightily peeved and come gunning for each of them in a variety of inventive and increasingly budget-taxing ways.

There’s not a great deal to defend in ‘The Final Destination': the characters are flimsy and interchangeable, the actors portraying them bland and inoffensive. The script serves as merely a framework for a repetitive series of shock deaths, each of which is clearly signposted well in advance. But that’s half the fun: giggling as the shadow of a loaded crane looms menacingly overhead or a bottle of slippery hair oil tips silently across a well-polished floor. Some of the more gratuitously nasty scenes do leave a sour taste – in particular, a gruesome reference to Chuck Palahniuk’s infamous swimming pool horror story ‘Guts’ – and the film’s 15 certificate is surprisingly generous. But this is harmless, inventive fun, a rollercoaster ride on the 3D bandwagon, before the wheels fall off.

Release details

Rated: 15
Release date: Friday August 28 2009
Duration: 81 mins

Cast and crew

Director: David R Ellis
Screenwriter: Eric Bress
Cast: Bobby Campo
Shantel Van Santen
Nick Zano
Haley Webb
Mykelti Williamson
Krista Allen
Andrew Fiscella

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3.1 / 5

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Good movie,lot of action, not bring,a little bit illogical but still worth watching,...


3d shocks were fun but not incredible. The actors and actressess were bland and script slightly cringing last final destinations much better.


Not genius but miles better than it should be, helped a lot by the 3D. The franchise started well with an interesting idea combined with an immature lust for unconventional deaths but became rather tedious with 2 and 3 being more of the same. This reignites the idea and is easilly better than the middle two films and is actually fun to watch.


It is amazing in 3D. I went too see it andd when the screwdriver comes at you it you feel like its going too hit you in tha facee :D x not as good as the others the ending isnt that good either butt still goo and see it xx


Went and seen this last night in 3D, Was a good film and really good in 3D, Thought things were going to hit and very real. Didn't like the ending tho and not as good as the other ones. If you have seen the rest, then still go see it


wow i saw it in 3D today, it is amazing in 3D i recommend you see it i atchully thought a screwdriver was going to hit me in the face! not as good as the last ones but it was still amazing :)