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This 'Spielrock' production is faithful to the original in everything but scale. The trick was not to stray too far from the cartoon simplicity of the Hanna-Barbera TV series, so the movie is a spectacular celebration of the superficial and the reassuring. The town of Bedrock is a genuine foam- design wonder: the bustling quarry, the monumental high street with its stone-roller cars. The exploited Jurassic-era fauna, from Dino the pet dinosaur to the lobster lawnmowers, all courtesy of Henson puppet technology and enhanced computer animatronics are so sympathetic you wish they'd organise a 'toon union. The actors, on the other hand - Goodman's Fred, Moranis's Barney, Perkins' Wilma - replicate the voices, manners, tics and tropes of the originals so accurately, they seem like programmed automatons.


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