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With the original director and leads having nothing to do with this sequel, we suffer a nasty opening scene in which an unconvincing Geena Davis lookalike gives birth to a crusty chrysalis, whence emerges Seth Brundle's son, Martin (Stoltz). He looks normal on the outside, but inside his genetic wiring is seriously crossed. Growing up under the clinical eyes of the sinister Bartok industries, Martin zips from boyhood to manhood in a ridiculously short period, and in no time at all is getting it together with Beth Logan (Zuniga), who doesn't know about his dad being a creepy-crawly. But when Martin's skin starts falling off, she begins to suspect that it's more than just a case for Clearasil, and resolves to help her loved one sort out his confused chromosomes - too late to avoid the onslaught of latex and squishy special effects for which we've all been waiting, and which is indeed the movie's only interesting commodity. Other than that, it's standard directionless fare.


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