The Glimmer Man


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Time Out says

Although this slick Seagal action pic won't convert die-hard detractors, aficionados will note that he's both gained weight and lightened up. Ever since playing the ship's cook in Under Siege, the slab-faced one has been leavening his straight man image with a pinch of humour. The magic ingredient here is Wayans who, as his fast-talking, street-wise partner, allows Seagal to introduce something new into the mix, self-mockery. While Seagal cleanses his mind with Tibetan prayer beads, Wayans worships Saint Jack - Daniels, that is. The mismatched buddies are hunting a California serial killer called 'The Family Man', who slaughters and crucifies entire Catholic families; but Seagal suspects the latest killing was the work of a pro. Anonymously scripted and directed, this at least suggests that if Seagal can ever learn to deliver a kiss-off line, he might get within shouting distance of being likeable. As his old Special Ops boss, an over-ripe Cox confirms his status as the Rod Steiger of the '90s.


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