The Mask of Zorro


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Los Angeles, the 1840s. Two decades after Spanish governor Montero (Wilson) threw him in jail, killing his wife and abducting his infant daughter, Zorro (Hopkins), the Mexican outlaw/freedom fighter, escapes. Meanwhile, bandit Alejandro (Banderas) wants revenge for the death of his own brother at the hands of Montero's aide Captain Love, a proto-Nazi. Zorro and Alejandro team to save Hispanic America from exploitative Europeans. The film is flawed by Hopkins' Connery-like eschewal of an appropriate accent, action movie bombast, a storyline short on logic and long on clichés, and that tiresome modern habit of proclaiming a character's heroism while undermining it with knowing winks and 'ironic' comedy. That said, it's also fun (if over-extended): the duels are colourful, the music and 'Scope camerawork touch in moments of romanticism, and Banderas and Zeta Jones (Zorro's daughter) cut a dash.


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