The NeverEnding Story III: Escape from Fantasia


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Time Out says

This further instalment reverses the worlds: here Fantasia comes to earth. Troubled by a new stepsister (Kay) and the taunts of the 'Nasties', led by crop-haired Slip (Black), Bastian (Richter) slopes off to Fantasia, leaving behind his copy of the empowering NeverEnding Story. The interactive book falls into the hands of Slip and his gang, who use it to foment chaos. Bastian is ordered back to the real world by the Child Empress, but accidentally takes his Fantasia pals with him. They are scattered all over the US. Can he reunite them? The animatronic characters from the Henson Creature Shop are looking familiar by now, but this new old-fashioned feel is part of the charm. It's a weak story, but the sfx, sets, opticals, humans and product-placements are orchestrated with a light touch.


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